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FPUA® provides state-of-the-art fiber optic communications services to businesses and institutions under the brand name, "FPUAnet® Communications." Primary FPUAnet services are Dedicated Internet Access, fiber Bandwidth Connections, E-Rate IP Links, and Dark Fiber Links. FPUAnet services also include Wireless Broadband Internet and Wireless Bandwidth Connections, which extend FPUA's fiber through wireless communications.

The FPUAnet Communications mission statement is "To help promote economic development and meet the needs of our community with enhanced, reasonably priced communications alternatives."

It all began around 1994, when FPUA began to build a fiber optic network to replace leased data links between its buildings in Fort Pierce. The new optical fiber system proved more reliable and cost effective, and was built with sufficient capacity for external customers. In 2000, FPUA allocated separate fibers through which it began to offer Dark Fiber Links to other institutions. This soon expanded to include businesses and more service types.

Only the costs of the fibers allocated to FPUAnet Communications are applied to FPUAnet services. This results in low cost services of extreme quality and reliability.

FPUA is in the process of expanding the FPUAnet network into adjacent counties. This will enable regional interoffice links, and improve the efficiency of local governments.

The FPUAnet Communications division receives many inquiries from residential customers. However, FPUAnet services are currently designed only for businesses and institutional customers, with customers using these services to connect an average of 20 or more computers. The fiber cable is connected to FPUAnet fiber equipment inside the premises (Fiber to the Premise, or FTTP), which is attached to the Customer network. FPUA stays current on the local markets, and presently considers offerings of other communications services providers to sufficiently fulfill the local residential need.

To obtain a free quote for FPUAnet Communications services at your business or institution, please click here to visit the FPUAnet Communications website.

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