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It has come to the attention of the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) that there is a company called "DOXO, Inc." - based out of Seattle, Washington - which offers the public a "means of paying their bills online in a secure way" that has been successful in luring some FPUA customers into using their services to pay their bills.

While this is a real company (based out of Seattle, Washington), FPUA customers need to know the following information:

  1. DOXO, Inc. is using the FPUA Logo, a trademarked logo, without permission from FPUA, which is a direct violation of Federal Trademark laws. By using this logo, it makes their "payment signup page" look as though it is an authorized page from FPUA. FPUA did not authorize this company to collect money from our customers. In fact, if you read the "small print" on their web payment page they state, "...doxo is not an affiliate of Fort Pierce Utilities Authority.”


  2. If you choose to use the services of DOXO, Inc. you do so at your own risk. This company has been sending in payments late, causing some customers power to be disconnected. If FPUA receives bill payments late from anyone, late fees, and/or the reconnect charges will be applied to the customer's bill - and those charges remain the responsibility of the customer to pay before services can be resumed.


  3. DOXO, Inc. makes their money by charging their customers a "service fee" for handling their payment.


  4. FPUA customers can make online payments directly to Fort Pierce Utilities Authority with your credit card, direct debit, or automatic bank withdrawal through our website, without having to pay any extra service charges for paying your bills. Simply go to


  5. DOXO, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau but has an 86% negative review rate from customers across the country. To read those reviews, you can go to:
  1. or


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