Utility Rates

Utility Rates


Definition - Any installation serving a single-family house, a single-family suite in a multiple-family house, a single-family suite in a multiple apartment, or a group of multiple apartments used exclusively for domestic living purposes.

            Residential Rates


Definition - Commercial is all other customers not classified as Residential.

            Capital Improvement Charges

            Commercial Electric Rates


            Commercial Natural Gas Rates

            Commercial Water and Wastewater Rates

            Commercial Water Rates - Irrigation

            Commercial Water Rates - Unmetered Fire Protection

Net Metering

Definition - Is a metering and billing methodology whereby customer-owned renewable generation is allowed to offset part or all of the customer’s electricity requirements.  The meter installed for net metering at your location has two reads; one read records the electricity drawn from the grid, purchased from the utility at the full retail rate; the other read records excess electricity generated by the customer and sent back to the grid for purchase by FMPA at their avoided cost (wholesale rate).

            How Does It Work

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