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Gas Operations


Natural gas is an economical and clean energy that the Gas Operations department supplies to both residential and commercial customers for cooking, heating, water heating, clothes drying, as well as the production of commercial and industrial products and services.

Our primary objectives are to provide safe, reliable gas service to our customers and ensure the safety of those living and/or working near our gas pipelines, and preserve the integrity of the system through a planned and executed preventive maintenance program. This includes maintaining, repairing, and efficiently operating the piping network on service lines and mainlines, gas meters and mainline valves associated with the system.

Our Gas Construction Crews install new mainlines and service lines to meet customer demands as well as inspect those installations performed by contractors. 

Our Gas Service Crews provide quality repair service on customer-owned gas equipment at reasonable and competitive rates.

Providing quality and efficient service in a safe manner requires a highly trained and educated work force. Gas crews receive on-going operator qualification training in all areas of gas distribution and service in order to provide natural gas to FPUA’s customers safely. Due to the dedication to safety and employee training, FPUA has received many safety awards from the American Public Gas Associations and the American Gas Association. FPUA has been recognized by the American Gas Association for their outstanding achievements in promoting operations safety.