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Water Distribution

The Water Distribution Department is responsible for providing its customers with reliable, high-quality water for drinking, irrigation, and fire protection. Our department is also responsible for locating all of FPUA’s underground utilities (water, sewer, gas, electric, fiber optic cable and traffic control loops for the City of Fort Pierce) for all of the general public, businesses, and government agencies.


We preserve the integrity of the public water system through a planned and executed preventive maintenance program. Our staff installs, maintains, tests, repairs, or replaces water meters for residential and commercial applications, as well as installs, maintains, tests, and repairs approximately 3,095 cross-connection control devices throughout the distribution system in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. In addition, we also upgrade water meters and backflow preventers. We are also responsible for maintaining all main lines and service lines which distributes water throughout our system and to our customers. Our crews are also responsible for maintaining approximately 1,629 fire hydrants throughout our distribution system


All of our field crews have obtained and maintains their DEP license.