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We balance our commitment to reliable service with the health of the trees we must trim near power lines. FPUA conducts vegetation management as part of our commitment to providing our customers with safe and reliable electric service. Trees in contact with electrical conductors are often problematic. Electrical outages, momentary interruptions, electrically induced fires, personal property damage, and even personal injury are potential outcomes. As with most utilities, trees are among the leading causes of power outages on the FPUA electric system. FPUA’s electric vegetation management program is designed to minimize tree conflicts while maximizing system reliability.

In addition to making tree safety around power lines a top priority, we encourage you to follow these guidelines:

  • Overhead/underground line clearance. Overhead power lines on or near your property can interact with trees, causing power surges and other potential risks. Underground cables can also come into contact with the root systems of trees. Don't plant shrubs or flowers around electric transformers, which are located on the ground in a metal box on a concrete or plastic base.
  • Digging can be dangerous. Safety is the most important thing to remember when working with trees large and small. Be sure to call 811 before you dig on your property to plant or move a tree. Learn more at the call before you dig page.
  • Watch your antenna. Install TV, satellite or radio antennas away from power lines – at least the height of the antenna plus an extra 10 feet.
  • Play it safe. Educate your children about electrical safety and make them aware of overhead power lines. If your kids plan to fly a kite, make sure they're in an open field away from electrical lines. Wet and dirty kite strings can conduct electricity.