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Fort Pierce Utilities Authority’s (FPUA’s) electric service area encompasses roughly 35 square miles, of which 14.7 square miles are inside the Fort Pierce city limits. The service area is established by the Florida Public Service Commission. FPUA serves approximately 28,000 customers and provides roughly 45,000 MWh of power per month.

The FPUA electric system has three 138 kV interconnections with Florida Power & Light and one 138 kV interconnection with Vero Beach Utilities. FPUA owns and maintains approximately 266 miles of overhead lines, 151 miles of underground electric circuits with over 20,000 poles and 5,600 transformers.

Municipal utilities are consumer-owned and not-for-profit, so providing affordable, safe, and reliable power is our first priority. Fuel and purchased power costs are the largest single variable expense for electric utilities, and they can vary greatly on the basis of supply and demand and other factors. Under utility regulations, these costs are passed along to customers at cost, through a charge on their bill commonly referred to as a “fuel adjustment fee.” Utilities do not profit from increased fuel and purchased power costs.

Service Reliability

Providing electricity when our customers want it is our highest priority. State-of-the-art technology helps us identify problems before they occur, and allows us to re-route power to minimize customer outages. Continual inspection and maintenance of equipment, plus an aggressive tree-trimming program, ensure system reliability.

FPUA, is one of 34 public power communities throughout Florida. Together, FPUA and the other community-owned utilities serve three million Floridians and are collectively the third largest source of power in the state. Because we are community-owned and locally managed, we focus on serving local needs, through low rates, jobs, and contributions to the city budget. Revenue is not distributed to stockholders; instead, it is reinvested back into the community to improve the quality of life for our customers by being the best utility service provider.

FPUA is proud to be designated as a Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) by the American Public Power Association. Since 2007, we were awarded and have maintained the Diamond Category. The utility that receives the Diamond designation must successfully meet 100 percent of the defined criteria.

The RP3 program measures each of the following categories of a utility’s operation: Reliability, Safety, Workforce Development, and System Improvement. These categories are ranked against standards set by the Public Power Communities across the nation.

We strive for service excellence and providing continuous power, unfortunately there are times where we are unable to do this due to storms, human error, animals, etc. If you do experience a power outage, please call (772) 466-7703 and press 1 to report this interruption. You can be assured we will respond in an expeditious manner to restore the power.

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