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Doing Business With FPUA

Facility Connection Requirements

Click here to view the Florida Municipal Power Agency Transmission Connection Process for Generation, Transmission and End Use, including Facility Connection Requirements and Connection Queue.

Bid Postings

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FPUA uses DemandStar to broadcast formal bids and requests for proposals costing more than $10,000.

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Local Vendor Preference

Local vendor preference applies to formal bids if the non-local and the lowest local bidder(s) are within 5% of the lowest total price by a non-local bidder.

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Special Terms and Conditions

AURSI (Advanced Utility Resources and Supply, Inc.)

FPUA uses AURSI to obtain competitive pricing on inventory purchases costing less than $10,000. AURSI is a provider of an Electronic Online Material Standards Manual and offers a special software program for utilities and suppliers.

For more information, click to access: