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Scams target people using in-person solicitation, social media, fliers, phone calls, text messages and other methods throughout our nation. Fort Pierce Utilities Authority wants to warn its customers that these scams aim are to steal money and identity information.

If someone contacts you claiming to be a representative of someone you do business with, tell the individual you will call their company using the information, phone numbers, or other method with which you normally do business with them, to protect your information and money, and avoid identity theft. Remember, caller identification (Caller ID), letterheads, uniforms for in-person visits, and other materials can be altered to reflect that you are doing business with the company you do business with, so, verify using the method described, above, before you provide money, checks, money orders, credit card, or other information. Do not reply to e-mails soliciting information.

FPUA will assist our customers and answer any questions you may have to help you avoid these scams when you receive these phone calls, personal visits or requests for information. Call our Customer Service Department at 772-466-1600, Ext. 3900. Thanks!

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